Pool lifts from Digi Project

Digi Project company has large range of pool lift for disabled people.

Powered portable PANDAPOOL LIFT: avangard technology

The latest product created by DIGI Project: it is innovative in its features thanks to the control helm with automatic tractions, no efforts required by the operator. Improved autonomy and capacity up to 145 kg. Maximum safety degree thanks to 8 safety levels. All this makes PANDAPOOL the universal reference for pool lifts.

panda-pool1 panda-pool2 panda-pool4 panda-pool3

The portable pool lift BLUEONE is an innovative, fast, safe and comfortable device to transport disabled persons or persons with limited motor capabilities. Fast: it does not need any fixing to the ground and it is easy to use. The person sits on the seat at the front and is pushed to the edge of the pool. Simply operate the brake and lock in position (otherwise the machine does not work) then press the down botton and swimmer is lowered into the pool. Save: with its 5 safety levels. Convenient for the operator, thanks to its reduced dimensions and easy handling. Comfortable for the transported person thanks to its rubber wheels with high damping power and variety of belts, headrest and footrest.

bluone1 bluone2 bluone3

The model F100M enables the automatic lifting, lowering and turning of the seat by means of a powered rotating device to be operated by a handset. It is the ideal solution for any kind of walled pools either in wood or plastic.

f100m1 f100m2 f100m3

The model F100 enables the access to the water of the most common walled pools, either in plastic or in wood. It has a solid frame and a rotating arm. To be customized according to the pool specifications.

f100a f100-af100-b

The fixed lift F130 is recommended for whirlpools, walled pools in therapeutic centres or mud baths. Thanks to its rotating arm which is 1400 mm long, it is recommended for narrow spaces where the wall plate allows a perfect performance without any obstacles on the floor. It can be equipped with a seat+transporter assembly or sling or other customized solutions.

f130a f130d f130e

F145 lift has a light and thin frame and allows the access to any type of walled pools. F145B is the short version of this model and it is to be used in ground deck pools of any kind or docks or boats. It has 3 different ground fixing systems: a socket to be screwed to the floor or 2 different sockets to be concreted into the floor.

This is a very versatile and reliable product to be completed either with a seat+ transporter assembly or a sling. It can be removed easily when it is not necessary.

f145-1 f145-2 f145-3 f145-4

Mobile track lift

The main features of the mobile track lift are the following:

  • no need for anchorage to either fl oor or ceiling or wall
  • it’s a versatile device
  • it can be disassembled easily
  • it is safe and easy to use
  • it can be customized in its dimensions

binario-fisso binario-mobile