Chairlifts from Vimec

Vimec company has 3 different models of Chairelifts

Ischia is the stairlift suitable for straight staircases (that is to say that the guide on which runs is straight, and is installed in the case of a single flight that divides the floors of the house, without intermediate landings and without parking in corridors).

The joystick placed on the armrest ensures the control of the course in a functional, simple and direct way; the folding seat opens and closes easily, and the radio controls allow to manage the stairlift calling it to the desired floor.

Safe and comfortable. The new Ischia chair is the result of an in-depth ergonomic study, thanks to Vimec’s 30 years

of experience in the field of stairlifts. The controls are integrated with the emergency stop button; furthermore, the bodywork’s anti-impact and anti-crushing sensors allow the immediate stop of the product in the presence of

an obstacle on the staircase. This is complemented by the safety belt with automatic retractor.

With respect to ride comfort, Ischia has no equal: the seat cushions and back cushions, which are

washable, are padded for maximum ride comfort; in addition, thanks to ample seat rotation, dismounting at the floor is easy and comfortable.

Minimal footprint. Very flexible and with a truly contained footprint in any environment, the Ischia chair

is also available with a hinged track for easy installation in tight spaces; in addition, for even tighter spaces, Vimec offers a revolutionary sliding guide, which is able to travel in a motorised manner on the staircase, saving additional space.