Stairclimbers from AAT Alber Antriebstechnik

The company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of mobile, versatile and convenient stair climbing systems and add-on engines in the field of rehabilitation and transportation technology.

Model C-max U1.

The lightweight and compact c-max U1 is your ideal companion in everyday life. With it you can easily overcome stairs and handle walkways safely and comfortably.

  • more mobility and quality of life
  • easy and safe handling
  • little physical effort is necessary on the part of the attendant
  • easy to store due to the low weight of the separate parts
  • safe and comfortable
  • suitable for a person’s weight of maximally 140 kg | 160 kg respectively

Model Escalino.

The escalino is the convenient stairclimber for every day, at home or on the road, inside or outside. Due to its patented climbing kinematics the escalino overcomes easily and safely the most diverse stairs and provides you with a higher quality of life because it increases your mobility considerably.

  • patented climbing kinematics
  • overcomes easily and safely the most diverse types of stairs
  • high comfort due to an optimum climbing performance
  • easy operation and handling
  • single step mode, manual turn off
  • suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 120 kg
  • maximum total weight of 155 kg

Model S-max Sella.

Stairs are often a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for persons with restricted mobility. With the s-max sella you solve this problem elegantly and effortlessly. Due to its compact dimensions, the stairclimber is particularly suitable for narrow stairs inside as well as outside.

  • compact dimensions
  • particularly suitable for narrow stairs
  • handle, adjustable in height
  • LED’s for safe operation in the dark
  • foot rest, adjustable in height
  • maximum lifting capacity of 170 kg or 195 kg
  • suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 135 kg or 160 kg

Model S-max.

The s-max is a stair climbing aid and can be mounted to almost all commercial wheelchairs. You may remain in your own wheelchair, while you are safely and comfortably transported up and down stairs or across obstacles.

  • can be mounted to almost all commercial wheelchairs
  • compact dimensions and low net weight
  • can be stored easily in your car
  • single step mode
  • easy operation and handling
  • maximum lifting capacity of 155 kg or 180 kg
  • suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 115 kg or 140 kg

Model C-max U2.

The c-max U2 was designed for professional use e.g. in ambulances or for assisted transportation. With the c-max U2 patients can be transported quickly and safely over separate steps or stairs. You may also use the device on level ground.

  • safe and quick transportation of patients over single steps as well as stairs
  • foldable, thus space-saving and easy to store
  • physical relief for your personnel
  • easy and comfortable handling
  • suitable for a person of a maximum weight of 140kg | 160 kg respectively
  • suitable fixtures for virtually all car types